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This is especially handy for practicing wall combos, one of the key ways to score big damage. The wind turbines in the background should at least offset some of the fuel being burned in this rally. Everything is fraught with tension. The dances are performed by an assortment of impossibly attractive, stylish embrilliance characters–most of embrilliance whom return from earlier games–and their smooth, graceful animations make even the simplest of moves look pretty cool. With some tighter integration between single-player and multiplayer, and the sorts of customization opportunities found in car modification (there’s no way to create your own race by selecting waypoints on the map, for instance), the free-roaming could have been an absolute blast.


It looks very good this year, with a backdrop reminiscent of a sports news show. There are matchmaking and invite options, but those embrilliance pale in comparison to the affordable thrill that local multiplayer might have so easily provided. How do I unlock more traits? The subtleties of its solid fighting mechanics are easy to miss under all the flashy visual effects layered on top. From a production standpoint, Tryst provides just what it has to, and no more.

A large part of the reason Sound Shapes is an excellent game is its impressively constructed stages. Put a parrot in front of a phone box after leaving it with your ex girlfriend for a day, and you’ve got the ideal way to prank call the policeā€¦OK, embrilliance maybe not that last one. The one exception is Smash TV, which RCR’s controls allow it to passably imitate. Comment on this videoWatch this video in High Def There is one notable addition to this year’s update:

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