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Once you’re pulled into a frenzied battle, however, you may be overwhelmed by its intensity. It’s nigh on impossible to control your monkey and earn points, and the ls-chl overly aggressive AI relentlessly smashes into you. The underwater sections, which require you to constantly shift the camera to navigate, are almost unplayable using the 3DS without a Circle Pad Pro to give you direct control of the camera. Outside of the story quests are seemingly infinite side tasks to pursue, many of them focused on Oliver’s ability to siphon excess amounts of emotions like love and ls-chl ambition from passersby and offer them to brokenhearted citizens needing a pick-me-up. Targeting, camera controls, item management, and certain attack controls can all be mapped to the touch-screen interface and moved about to suit you.


You choose from five different races: This helps you decide if a struggle ls-chl is worthwhile. Whether you choose to approach it with a friend or by your lonesome, using a plasma cutter or an acid grenade launcher, Dead Space 3 makes fighting for survival a delight. It’s a good thing Death is half naked in this dungeon–it must be a hundred degrees in there! Yet the scenario might be much more organic should you have taken a different path in previous episodes.

In the ls-chl end, most of your time is spent lazily hitting zombies with cricket bats. Spikes, monsters, lasers, platforms, and all manner of other obstacles are meticulously placed to provide maximum irritation. The sneering colonel who prosecutes them makes a good antagonist, and the narrative tells a decent story from the annals of the Locust War. Chase might be a city slicker, but that doesn’t keep him from dressing like a farmer when necessary. It’s a different approach than that taken by the original game, but it suits Book of Shadows well.

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