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When a game plays by a set of rules this unique, there is always a surprise lurking around the bend, or ready to strike from above. In the end, the best thing you can clonecd say about Gods and Kings is that it makes Civ V noticeably more fun–something that anyone who’s already familiar with the game would likely say is an impressive achievement indeed. It’s infuriating. That’s it for the storyline.


But much of the time, Tails’ role is relegated to combining with Sonic to form a super-powerful rolling ball (useful for breaking through large objects) or rescuing Sonic from a clonecd fall with his whirling appendages.
Ninja Gaiden 3 possesses none of the tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, or even Ninja Blade.
that of mindless, over-the-top, and–above all–deliciously addictive destruction. But once you settle in, it’s a different story. Teleporting is the only way to escape some levels.

The dual analog sticks of the Vita are perfectly suited to the first-person action, though tapping the screen to trigger your secondary fire or to throw grenades definitely takes some getting used to. The story is a bit more pleasurable, dealing as it does with Meruru’s attempts to improve the kingdom and prove herself as an alchemist. And if you have founded a religion, it’s in your interest to convert rival civilizations and city-states to clonecd your way of viewing things. This sequence pans out in single-player too but with you playing both parts one after another.

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