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So I have dowmload copies of everything in case one fails. And that trade-in offer is only good until September If not, I apologize. You can also setup an external alarm input, for example a PIR motion detector, a door sensor, a sensor mat to trigger recordings.

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I have configured everything through the web portal of the camera and have told it to save the snapshots and recorded files to the computer. Have you used this one at vvr I see it chanmel now. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me: That said, I read that it just means you have to manage the poe setting on the port yourself, does that make sense? Again, personal preference as to what to set this parameter to.

For example, if you chose P, then you have to click on I would set those back to the original settings. The unofficial way use at your own risk: Can this camera be mounted upside down on a desk or shelf with the image inverted to correct? The camera rotates only about 45 degrees to either side. Thank you already in advance. Also, while Dahua will not provide factory support in the U.

» SWANN HDCAM (Hikvision DS-2CD) P IR Bullet Network Camera Critic

As always, your responses are incredibly helpful. Domes tend to have reflection issues that can be annoying so unless I need a dome, I go bullet.

Thank you again for the detail in your reviews! I can only comment on the BI option. I called Swann and they told me the receiver should work up to ft but they do not offer cable longer than ft.

Finally something aboiut varifocal costco security camera samsung costco 8 cameras. Support setting the location modes including by timestamp and by frame in basic settings. The subnet is the same.

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Ideally with audio one way is fine, just want to hear what is going on outside, not carry on a conversation Smartphone access non-subscription pf important to me.

Please help Many Thanks Paul. I have not tried this personally, so I may be giving you misguided advice, so use at your own risk and other that have done this may chime in. I am running similar cameras here, 2 Swans, and one Hikvision, with a 2nd Hikvision in house, but not yet installed.

Closed Chrome, started IE and changed the setting there. The most common problem with that camera is the dome is dirty and is reflecting back from pd LEDs. This requires the PC to be on channnel the time to record. ACTi is coming out with some 10MP cameras in the next few months that will be able to ID someone with a wider lens, I expect their first one, their indoor version to be out in October.

Hi I have set up the camera on our school network and so far so good. On Chrome, same uikvision. I have made the setup in local Configuration menu.

Recording, not so much. Really like the small file sizes of the wvm files.

There are patches to the code that people posted, but requires some Linux skills. The supported camera types are: I was in a panic when I realized that it shipped with no install CD and the owners manual was in Chinese. The Lens Selection software can create the camera deployment on the live map according to your requirement, calculate the installation parameters, field of view, pixel density.

When the films are available around the internet, several thousands of people will get full access by paying membership fees. It appears to be a Firefox issue.

Our next step is probably to buy a couple of the s. Swapping cables is good. Both seem to control downloaad more than zoom.

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Hello John I have the same needs like you about the microphone, did you fine a solution? The camera comes with an analog connector, so you can plug in a CCTV monitor. Be careful as Lorex has a new camera they sell at Costco that looks similar to the ds-2cdi but is not.

I went over to IE and deleted browsing history. Just a little detail for those of you working with the Swann NVR Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for the review, BTW! Probably one of the most configurable camera in this price range. I would much rather run one cable to another location, closer to where all the cameras will be located, connect them to a switch, etc.

Well I was doing the whiskey tango foxtrot!