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When a motion system hits a limit switch, it typically stops moving. Regular DC motors can only continuously rotate in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the voltage polarity.

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Along with matching the motor technology, the drive must provide the correct peak current, continuous current, and voltage to drive the motor. Not only is the development expensive in terms of time and cost, but the fixed personality of the motion controller makes the system inflexible for future redesigns or for accommodating variations in the motion control algorithms at run time.

I am so desperate. Coordinated Multiaxis Motion Another type of motion is coordinated multiaxis motion, or vector motion.

In this phase, you create your motion control profiles and test them on your system to make sure they are what you intended. Back to Top 2. Table 1 describes the difference between NI motor drives.

Motion Control and Motor Drives

Message 18 of Discover and collaborate on the latest example code and tutorials with a worldwide community of engineers and scientists. The NI x series is the mid-range series that offers up to four axes of both stepper and servo control, as well as some higher-performance features such as contouring and electronic gearing. For more information ztepper calculating system torque, read the Motor Fundamentals article at zone. Motion Control and Motor Drives.

Message 12 of As an electronic circuit, the H-bridge applied voltage across the load in both directions so that the DC motor could turn in clockwise or counterclockwise directions.

Aside from rotational direction control, we could use the system to control the angular displacement of the DC motor servo motor mode. The motor in this application had a gear ratio ofand the encoder produced 12 oabview per revolution, so the system produced a total of 3, pulse counts per main shaft revolution.

Using NI LabVIEW and DAQ for a DC Motor Controller

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. You use electronic gearing by supplying a gear ratio between a slave axis and a master axis, encoder, or ADC channel. Some applications that need such a high level of precision and flexibility include wafer processing machines in the semiconductor industry or the inline vehicle sequencing ILVS reconfigurable-at-run-time assembly line for the automotive industry. Hsing should also consider how to connect your amplifier to your controller.

After determining which technology you want to use, you need to determine the torque and inertia at the motor shaft. The H-bridge played an important role in controlling the rotational direction cownload the DC motor. We can configure a DC tsepper with labfiew to start and stop at desired positions, which offers a wide range of application possibilities.

You can think of the tasks in the NI Motion Assistant as prewritten blocks of code that you simply configure to meet your needs. This application also uncovers the great potential of LabVIEW in robotic applications, for which continuous development provides more features to further increase the convenience of motor controls.

Motor selection and mechanical design is a critical part of designing your motion control system.

Controlling a Stepper Motor with LabVIEW – Page 2 – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Position capture inputs, on the other hand, cause the motion controller to immediately capture an event occurrence position and store it in memory. However, in blended motion, your system does not pass through all of the points in your original trajectory. For more information on electronic gearing, view the Gearing. Message 15 of If I success in this project I will get my degree.

The real-time response increased the efficiency of program testing and editing. LabVIEW is an open platform for easy system control in motor applications. See All Countries and Regions. Application software is divided into three main categories: A motion controller acts as the brain of the motion control system and calculates each commanded move trajectory.