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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Article 10 – continuance of the rights of citizenships. Attorney General of India.

Article 52 — the President of India. The Constitution of India is federal in nature but unitary in spirit.

Constitution of India

Archived from the original on 11 May Article — National Commission for SC. A new constitutional device, called Schedule 9 introduced to protect laws that are contrary to the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights. State of Tamil Nadu and others 2 S. Retrieved 23 June Article — Control over subordinate courts.

Important Articles of the Constitution of India in PDF

Article P — definitions. It also balances the conflicting exercise of power between the centre and a state or among states, as assigned to them by the Constitution. This implies that the Parliament, while amending the Constitution, can only amend it to the extent so as to not destroy any of the aforesaid characters. Condtitution major portion of the Indian subcontinent was under List of amendment of indian constitution pdf download llist from to Amend articles 15, 19, 85, 87,, and The illustrations on the cover and pages represent styles from the different civilisations of the subcontinent, ranging from the prehistoric Mohenjodaro civilisation, in the Indus Valleyto the present.

Coelho dead by L. Article 37 — application of the principles contained ameendment this part. Hasan, Zoya; Sridharan, E. Article 21A – Right to elementary education. Amend articles 19, 22, 30, 31A, 31C, 38, 71, 74, indiqn, 83,, Infian,,, B,,and Constktution. This power, known as President’s rulewas list of amendment of indian constitution pdf download earlier as state governments came to be dismissed on the flimsiest of grounds, and more due to the political discomfiture of the party in power at the centre.

Ambedkar, was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 th November and came into force on 26 th January Article 12 — definition. Two days later, on 26 Januarythe Constitution of India became the law of all the States and territories of India.

Loading Article sPlease Wait. Exchange of certain enclave territories with Bangladesh and conferment of citizenship rights to residents of enclaves consequent to signing of Land Boundary Agreement LBA Treaty between India and Bangladesh. Ambedkarthe chairman of the Drafting Committee, is widely considered to be its chief architect. Article B — Special provision with respect to the State of Assam.

Removed the upper constitutiion limit for a parliamentary constituency by amending Article 81 1 b. Article — High Courts to be courts of record.

Important Articles of the Constitution of India in PDF – Testbook Blog

Cornerstone of a Nation at p. Army Navy Air Force.

Supreme Court of India. Omitted as a fundamental right — governed by article A. Lessons from India” PDF. Article A — Special provision with respect to the State of Nagaland. The List of amendment of indian constitution pdf download provisions have consciously been worded in generalities, though not in vague terms, instead of making them rigid and static with a fixed meaning or content as in an ordinary statute, so that they may be interpreted by coming generations of citizens with the onward march of time, to apply to new and ever-changing and demanding situations, making the Constitution a living and an organic document.

Ambedkar to prepare a draft Constitution for India. It is the highest law of the land and cannot be overridden by the Parliament. Amendment passed during internal emergency by Indira Gandhi.

Insert articles B and C.

TNPSC Indian Constitution/ Indian Polity in Tamil – Download as PDF

Article 5 — citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution. Article 66 — election of Vice President.

Article 21 – Provides protection to life and liberty to all persons. A ‘Bag of Borrowings ‘ “. Article — attendance of retired judges at sittings of the Supreme Court.

The entire exercise to produce the original took nearly five years. India portal Politics portal. Article B — constitution of Panchayats.

However, the Supreme Court, in Minerva Mills v.