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They briefly discussed his new job before Katsushige asked him if this call is about the family gathering. Then she wondered why the servants of the main house had also been encouraged to treat Tatsuya so poorly. Miyuki is considered one of the strongest magicians in the world and is a candidate to succeed the Yotsuba.

FYI There’re now proper subs for the Movie self. Archived from the original on September 18, When Miyuki asks why, Yuuka explains that Tatsuya will become powerful within the family when she is named heir and will be unassailable after that point.

September 27, [72]. Submit a new text post. Dont know when it was last updated. Miyuki began to ask why the room had been set this way but Tatsuya regained his thoughts and assured her it was not his doing. Kotona verbally confirms this passionately, confirming her deep feelings for Katsushige.

Wounded Man — Phoenix: Im asking mahouka koukou no rettousei volume 16 pdf download you have pointed out that you know the offical release date has changed but you have not changed the delete date so could you clear this up please. Everyone in the group is busy for the month, including myself, so don’t expect updates.

Light Novel Translations are Here

Retrieved April 7, Shouldn’t you just need to remove vol 1 or maybe 2? Once he had recovered, Tatsuya immediately thought none of this was possible and asked Maya for the details. After hanging up Yuuka stretched out on her couch. Translations mhouka coming along at a good pace, gotta respect the effort these translators put in.

I updated link for vol 16 epub, it also got on google drive.

Looking for a new LN to read. He ordered her to bring him water to drink. Enraged, Mitsugu stood up and Tatsuya did as well. Thx for this and any predictions for Volume 18?

Vol 19? : Mahouka

The fourth reviewer, Hope Chapman, expressed immediate dislike towards the series, criticizing it for lacking anything to engage the viewers and for being a lazy adaptation of dlwnload light novel, and concluding the review with “I can’t even remember the last time I saw something with not a single redeeming retotusei or thing to recommend about it at doqnload. Also worth mentioning that I’m not english so expect a few typos and maybe unappropriate terms.

Katsushige frantically asks Kotona what she was doing at age six, but then Tatsuya interrupts them, asking him to not reveal any more of his personal information. Tatsuya orders brakes before the intersection ahead; a semi-trailer comes out to block mahouka koukou no rettousei volume 16 pdf download path. I only request that you leave the zip archive as is and do not remove the credits page.

Retrieved August 11, He then offers to fight Tatsuya alone, but Miyuki states that she will do as Tatsuya wishes and that is for the Guardians to fight. Mitsugu then said vehemently that rebellion mahoukaa not his intent.

Forgive me, but I do not understand what you mean, I’m fairly ignorant regarding technical things.

Tried to search for raw in pdf format or something like that but again, couldn’t find anything, it’s nothing insurmountable of course but you know, habbits. The Solidfiles link isn’t working at my end, can anyone check if the site is downkoad at their end? TA is now translating?