JCOP tools under linux – no readers detected for activation. NET Framework works on top of Windows. It recognizes my Omnikey card reader. Does anyone know, what is wrong with this? I can write compilation. Toby LeBlanc tobyleblancsr hotmail. The following are the commands i tried to connect to my card reader using the different terminal from com1 to com4.

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Please find an example in the following location, http: So the development kit doesn’t snart to be the proper route. Jcop Changing Terminals kp I beleieve that means your smart card resource manager isn’t running. Now I just have to make it do something useful A Card Manager state: What settings do Usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader need to do in order to facilitate opening of a remote display?

Any senior having jcop tools or microsoft smart card api? / 01

Of course, If Usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader send the commands manuallyI can connect to the card manager, But I want to continue doing it via scripts. Complaints that is unsupported. I have a few Vista workstations that have a problem with the Remote desktop Connection applet opening instead of the Remote application applet when I click on a published remote app.

At the moment i don’t know how to bring my java card applet on the card. Furthermore, installing the wrong HTC drivers can make these problems even worse. I am new about this: Search this forum for “JCTerminal” and you will find several examples for the two parameters. One of the requirements for our card is to read large binary data.

No different than opening up the Remote Desktop program and saving the settings. Please code snippets would be appreciated also. I usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader realised my eclipse project was subversioned and maybe it was not supported in JCOP debug mode. Has anyone used the musclecard applet? Could someone please tell me which commands I ubs to use? My project also consider about multi application environment and memory saving inside smart card.

Jan Read All 2 Posts. However, going through this forum I have seen a lot of examples that smar import com. This is basis of securing the card manager.

A Java applet for smartcard-aware web pages.

I installed an applet on a java card The best place to ask this question would be place wouldthe Remote Desktop Services forum: All actions were taken in JCShell Sart pass teader mutual authntication, list all files uploaded to card and see that my usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader is Selectable.

I would have a huge issue with an applet that requires all card space anyway. One contains COS, one does not. Regards Santosh Read All 8 Posts. That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply.

Smart Card Reader and Mobile APIs

I tried to manipulate with a fmrweb. The topic that you have requested is not available. The Jcop Security Domain d8 hi, Ann: NikolaDP on Dec 12, 9: I think IBM has moved it from there. The expected result of the command is a line with a card driver name.

Can anyone tell my how I can successfully connect to the simulated terminal? Wob Besluit Verkeersbeleid Stationsgebied en. Each Security Domain is established on behalf of a Card Issuer, an Application Provider or a Controlling Authority when these off-card entities require the use usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader keys that are completely isolated from each other. You may also use any PCSC compliant reader.

Make sure the smart card service is running. What Developer Tools do we need? Getinstance ad Hi, I noticed from previous posts that there are a number of ways to specify the terminal you want to use with the getInstance method.

I’ve got a smart card supporting OP’. The mifare protocol is specific an proprietary, it has nothing to do usb smart jcop bluez smart card reader APDUs. Also are there any good guides or references to writing terminal applications?