Problem is I have to do this all the time now. I will try to replace it and maybe everything going to be alright. My problem is the following: Is there an easier way to clean the fan? Great website and great advice but one question:

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It feels like the covers are glued or screwed onto something gp from underneath. Okay, thank you SOOO much. Can you see your wireless card registered in there?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

You have a good chance to fix the problem. Google search for this part number brings nothing. Loosen four hp pavilion dv7 1245dx screws shown on the second picture in hp pavilion dv7 1245dx step If yes, how are you suppose to attach apvilion 2 pieces of the retainer together?

Thank you in advance. Now I already ordered the part itself so my actual question is this; Can I at skip any of these steps to avoid anything else going wrong when i access the DC jack cable??? After peeling off all the necessary components, I finally reached the fan.

I can only boot into safe mode, I did full system restore and nothing has changed. My retainer is broken, so it will not clip into the keyboard.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv – Inside my laptop

Try lifting up one side of the key first. I put hp pavilion dv7 1245dx retainer together and put it back on the keyboard. My 2 year old got a hold of my pavioion and pulled about half of the keys off, including the space bar and command keys. Did you remove memory modules while taking apart the laptop? When I got it back, it started up but the screen is dark like looking through a deep tint.

Anyhow, i replaced the fan because hp pavilion dv7 1245dx old one was sounding really bad, like a bearing was broken. It works hp pavilion dv7 1245dx now that I put it on correctly. I could have used this guide then. I have been removing and lavilion my enter key for like the whole day and i didnt even bother to TOUCH the metal bar on the enter thing!

I quickly turned it off and cracked it open hoping it would dry out.

At the end of December in the last week of my warranty periodHp pavilion dv7 1245dx returned my DV to HP for warranty service to replace my screen due to three areas of dead pixels. Step 18 — 19 I cant get the the top cover offit is stuck in the lower left corner and I dont know how to take it off.

Last known good config also does the same thing as booting pavilin normally. I tried every way possible.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

I did a lot of testing that you were telling us, such as removed a battery in hp pavilion dv7 1245dx to get rid of static alec. I have an HP Pavilion ZDEA and, apart from the fact that there are 5 screws each side, rather than 3, to secure the screen hinges to the cover, the procedure was identical. If the problem still there, I guess this hp pavilion dv7 1245dx be CPU failure. If all screws are removed, insert a piece of soft plastic between the hard drive cover and base and try lifting up the cover.

This guide is the best! Are you sure that there is no image at all? Thanks so much, it took me some time to take it apart and put it back together. Thanks a lot for your step by step detailed instructions to repiar and hp pavilion dv7 1245dx the key for Laptop.

Test your laptop with an external monitor? Using your great instructions, I fully disassembled my laptop for the first time ever and replaced the heat sink. Luckily, I found them on the floor… and Google led me to this site! Maybe the inverter has to be loaded by two lamps in order to operate properly.

I believe they are talking about video memory. I have been trying to get that thing on for 2 months now.

A few heart-thumping moments when I almost stripped hp pavilion dv7 1245dx few screws. Thank you so much, it saved me possible damage. A key came off but the white retainer broke.

If moving the cable affects image on the screen and the image changes somehow, most likely the video cable is bad. The silicone knobs on all keys had all been detached from the base. I can definitely see something is displayed on the screen hp pavilion dv7 1245dx I look closely, it just seems that the backlight is not working.

Thank you, thank you. The two keys seem solid, good as new! Does anyone know where the lid position sensor is on dg7 dv7?

I use Win7… so maybe you can help? If you see a faint image, most likely your problem is related to the inverter board. However, when my brother and I switched it to an external monitor, it works fine. I am about to call a tech out. Thank you hp pavilion dv7 1245dx much for your help.