Here is what you have to do: The driver won’t install because windows 10 has a different system for driver signature verification. Now your new driver works like a charm. I had to get sonic stage 4. At the next restart what you did at step 9 is then turned back.

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Can anybody help me? You should get a result of “The operation completed successfully. You need to be online to mz-nf61 the program from crashing. The driver may be corrupted or missing code If someone know a “new” or “beta” driver for win 7 64bits? My computer is 64bit Windows 7 profesional Thanks. I have tried sony mz-nf610 several time always ends sony mz-nf610 same,any help will be appreciated.

Hennie Eerhart, you are a beaut! Newer Post Older Post Home.

And up yours Sony you bunch of gits. Last Device Instance Id: I sony mz-nf610 the latest SonicStage but am unable to find drivers that work otherwise.

It is weird that Sony writes that the MD walkmans will not be supported and will not work with W7 sony mz-nf610 beyond! Windows 10 64 Bit x64 Windows 8.

If not you can’t play the files? Using Vista 64 bit Have folowed the sugesrted steps to install the 64 bit sony mz-nf610.

I jsut downloaded RH1 driver and it works great. Thank you very much. This is the most stable version sony mz-nf610 SonicStage and can be used by Windows 7 64 bit users too.

Some Sony websites from other counties sony mz-nf610 have this for download officially. Followed the steps listed above.

Unzipped and got the following mz-nf10 And then the infamous DRM kicked in: Here is what you have to do: The driver may be sony mz-nf610 or missing code 39″.

Brilliant job, many thanks. Net MD and later devices, but we have problems installing on the netMD model. The disc space is bigger than sony mz-nf610 but it won’t let me transfer any more than 2 songs worth.

You need to install the unsigned driver, Windows 10 does not like you doing that but it can be done, see this page for three ways to instal the driver: I think that Sony mz-nf610 has to come with a good solution for this problem. Now the driver can indeed be loaded with warning. But when updateing the ms-nf610 on the Net Sony mz-nf610 device, I continue to get the error: Nothing shows up under Univeral Serial Bus controllers section.

Download NetMD USB-Drivers for your Sony MiniDisc to work on 64 bit versions of Winows

Many sony mz-nf610 all, I was really worried that was it for my MD. Just posted a comment re MZ-S1. Now my win 10 64 bit box reports a problem loading the driver no hash, it says.