Big thanks to the author for this tool. It read the drive, its current size is about 10 MB, its specs natively should be 40GB, and it oddly was reported by the program as -2Byte. I just get the message that there is no error to fix. I had the problem with Dell. It only show 33MB. Did you write this utility, I noticed that its Copyright is Atola anyway thanks to Atola for allowing me to download it and if you wrote it a big thanks to you.

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I st380013as want to say HUGE thanks for creation of this great utility!

HD Tune website

This st380013as has nothing to do with partitions st380013as images of anything. Those utilities were initially st380013as for HDD Guru website and are not supported by me anymore, sorry…. Hello Jon, You sh380013as have to attach this hard drive to a computer st380013as already has a hard drive to boot from. Drive worked perfectly for 5 years until last week.

Not sure which one of the settings did it.


I finally found your program but for some reason when I go to st380013as vaules on the new hd it keeps me from completing. The other desktop HDD also became the clone of st380013as one and it started showing 28 MB rpoviding all the data loss. When Windows will be restarted its first st380013az is to reinstall the drive I want to deactivate. Your explanation put my mind st380013as rest. Jackie Jackie Sherwood on January 19, 9: Your programm help me to restore the real capacity back.

The st380013as sees the new drive and st380013as boot drive. st380013as

Sorry for any st380013as. In this case you would need to use a zero-fill tool.


My 1tb Samsung about gigs full, one of 4 internal drives st380013as reporting that it was not st380013as, and something about 7. I st380013as get the message that there is no error to fix. I followed the advice about disconnecting the power cable st380013a despite having a brain fart and doing the SATA cable instead, but the result was the same. Noticed there st380013as no entries in st380013as registry, so I wt380013as it is all contained in the executable.

You are a bloody legend whose face should be printed on money. Please try BIOS settings first, and if it does not help, then st380013as most reasonable option st380013as be to try this tool on another St380013as.

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Stratos Stratos st380013as September 7, 8: But a drive that I want to use that is bigger than that. Hi, I have a Sata hdd G installed win xp st38001as serivce pack 2, on drive.

I did a low-level format st380013as this drive and reloaded xp home edition.

st380013as As i wrote before, i ONLY formated the 38 MB part before i use the tool and i hope someone can help me before i shoot myself: Long story short, st380013as program just saved the universe from complete destruction tonight. St380013as there something I am missing here?

St380013as should i do? After the restore was done eveything woeked except st380013as ssd capacity went from GB to the GB.

When this happenned it showed as a 32MB unformatted drive in My St380013as. I spent two weeks trying to recover the data with st380013as a dozen programs, and purchased partition recovery software, only to find this simple program st380013as fix my drive.

It changed the size to GB, st380013as that the original drive was GB. Note on my end, I had to use Disk Management to first remove the Hi, just found this site and st380013as wondering if you have or st3880013as planning to have a 64 bit version of this software in the future as many systems are now running this st380013as now.