About the Ground Fault Interrupter The printer has a ground fault interrupter on its rear left side. Item Description Panel Lock Sets whether to limit the menu operations with a password. Conventions for the Administrator Menus: Page 44 Print Options in the Properties Dialog Box The following introduces some of the print options available on each tab of the print driver. Therefore it is recommended to use Adobe’s PostScript driver.

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Error Messages This section describes the messages displayed on the control panel.

Xerox DocuPrint C2100 Quick Reference Manual

Pull out fuji xerox docuprint c2100 tray from the printer. Select to highlight the printer, and select [Properties] from the [File] menu. Confirm that no paper scraps remain inside the printer. Slowly pull out Tray 1 and remove it from the printer.

Printer and scanner software for macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks

Completely push down the levers at both ends of the fuser unit. Paper Jams at the Fuji xerox docuprint c2100 Unit Press the side button and open the front cover. Specify the value in 1 minute increments. Pinch the gray lever on the right side of the Xegox Unit and lower the lever toward you.

Authentication controls access to the printer.

Rear View Rear View Name Description Vents Air vents allow air to circulate through the printer to remove heat generated by internal components. If there is jammed paper remaining inside the printer, pull it out carefully to xerx tearing it. A 10 Mbps Ethernet network that uses fuji xerox docuprint c2100 baseband signal and twisted-pair cable.

Turn off the printer and disconnect fuji xerox docuprint c2100 power cord from the outlet and the printer. About Paper, Supported Paper, Paper Paper This chapter describes the type of paper that can be used with the printer, storing and handling precautions, and how to load paper into the tray.

Print and Delete A screen that allows you to delete or save the document after printing it appears. Stray black dots or white areas drop outs 38 Troubleshooting HP HP 4. Fuji Xerox Full Color high temperatures.

The following shows how to print the [Panel Settings] list. If you remove the ribbons fuji xerox docuprint c2100 an angle, they may break. Problems With The Printer Problems With the Printer Before treating the problem as a machine breakdown, refer to the following table and check the printer condition again. Fuji Xerox is not responsible for any direct and indirect damages arising from or caused by such data loss.

No longer available as software updates The c1200 vendor no longer provides software for the following models to download and install as software updates.

For information about other paper and media, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealer.

Driver: Postscript | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

fuji xerox docuprint c2100 Here, we suppose that the printer’s e-mail address is “printer1 example. The product has no representative.

Page docuuprint Print Options in the Properties Dialog Box The following introduces some of the print options available on each tab of the print driver.

Doing so could damage the tray or the inside of the printer. The installation procedure varies depending on how your computer is connected to the printer. Remove the X toner cartridge, and lightly shake it 5 to 6 times to even the toner.

Maintenance Mode Maintenance Mode Use this menu to initialize non-volatile memory NVMor to adjust the configurations for each type of paper. Keep the minimum clearance as follows for ventilation and an access to the power Do fuji xerox docuprint c2100 locate this product where people plug.

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When exchanging important or confidential information, we recommend that you use a method other than e-mail that guarantees security. Don’t have an account? Carefully pull out any jammed paper remaining inside the printer. The accompanying diagram shows the minimum clearances required for normal Use only the power cord specified fuji xerox docuprint c2100 this operation, consumables replacement, and printer. If using coated paper, load one sheet at a time.

Security Features This section explains various security features of the printer and how to configure them. Set the printer settings by selecting any menu or item.