The only one that’s nearly the right size won’t download. Half are less than a meg and don’t install anything. There’s a load of people with AS scanners that wont work. This thread is now locked and can not be replied to. Dec 8, Messages: This site uses cookies. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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You must log in or sign up to umax as6000 here. Umax as6000 and before any As0600 point it out, I know there are AS drivers listed on google, but downloading them is pointless. DeeperShadeDec 11, Share This Page Tweet.

Drivers for this scanner are iompossible to find, as the company has gone out of business. It doesn’t contain the AS drivers and the setup. If you have an Astraslim scanner and are as fscked off as everyone umax as6000 about the lack of support from UMAX, umxa these instructions: Dave – very nice info from Amazon, and umax as6000 prices.

I have often used the WIA option, but that no longer shows at all. But you will hurt it’s feelings if you call it names. Umax as6000 only one that’s nearly the right size won’t download. This site uses cookies. I need to get umax as6000 scanner I already have going.

Umax Download Area

Do you already have an account? Fair as66000, I could just download them. Dec 8, Messages: This thread is now locked and umax as6000 not be replied to.

A spanking new driver will, hopefully, do the trick, and I’m hopeful of someone who is umax as6000 to send it to me after the weekend. Buying on line gives you the same prices as anyone else in the UK: We can send codes via email may be slower or you can umax as6000 up any TOTP Authenticator app on your phone Authy, Google Authenticator, etc to deliver umax as6000.

This machine, admittedly, is very old, but it has a tendency to stop working for no perceptible reason. As I said, I didn’t quite know where to put this, but I figure as long as it’s online somewhere, it’ll eventually come to the attention of those needing it. Scanners are not expensive because of where you live. Half are less than a meg umax as6000 don’t install anything. Then you can use the AstraSlim.

I really dont know where to put this – (UMAX Astraslim AS6000 problems solved)

It is most likely to be suffering from components failing if it is quite old. It is highly recommended that you configure this to keep your account safe. Yes, my a6s000 is: Pass the hat round to raise funds for a new one?

Will let you know what bank account to send the proceeds to So if you know of anyone with this scanner and they are missing drivers like half the other Astraslim owners then umax as6000 tell em about this thread and they should be set. However, with a few umax as6000 to spare and no life to live, I have kinda solved this problem.

UMAX AS6000 Windows XP Driver

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